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Grief Lasts a Lifetime

Grief can be overwhelming and isolating. It is true what people say that it also lasts a lifetime. What isn't said as often is that the suffering does not have to. On this page find information, resources, reminders, activities, and more to help you along your path of healing and moving through. 

Grief Reminders

When someone dies, it can affect every part of your life. Here are some important reminders to help guide you through your grieving journey. 

There is no timeline for grief 

Grief lasts as long as it lasts. There is no length of time that is too long, no point where you should be "over it". Often people will try to rush grief and expect you to be "fine" or how you were before the death. The reality is there is no going back to that. Take the time that you need to heal and move forward

Journal Prompts

Journaling and writing can be a very healthy way to help cope with your grief. It can be a way to process emotions and get things down on paper. Click here for the list of journal prompts

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