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Grief Support Made Easy

Grief can feel complicated and knowing how to support someone grieving or how to navigate it yourself can feel like climbing a mountain. Something About Grief offers resources, support, and education, in the way we know you need it:

Simple and straight to the point. 

This website features many things but there will always be one thing in common, it is something about grief. As someone who experiences a significant loss at a young age, I became comfortable with conversations around death and grief. Later in life, having experienced an even more significant loss, I started seeing grief themes intertwined everywhere. This allows space for grief to be normalized and that maybe grief isn't something to be feared but embraced. 

For Grievers

Resources, ideas, and articles to help you feel your grief instead of fear it. 

Supporting a Griever

Gain insight on how to get comfortable with grief to better support the grievers in your life, no matter who they are.

Understand Grief

Increase your grief IQ through theories, types of grief, the importance of language, and more. 

Support Groups

Support groups for both grievers and those supporting them, because no one should have to grieve alone. 

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